2. Introduction of this Faculty
  3. Local Science Department

Department of Regional Studies and Humanities

Aim of the Department of Regional Studies and Humanities

 Cultivation of human resources who can contribute to the local revitalization

  1. Cultivation of human resources who are able to become leaders for the local development in various fields such as the revitalization of the local economy and culture, creation/recreation of lives and community.
  2. Cultivation of human resources who can contribute to the revitalization of the local economy, having perspective on human lives and activities and analyzing local trends of production/consumption to make proposals of development of new products, ideas of sales strategy, etc.
  3. Cultivation of human resources who can draw up plans of local activities and carry out the plans for the reconstruction of the local community where culturally and spiritually better lives are ensured, by perceiving current situations and issues of aging population, falling birth rate and depopulation.
  4. Cultivation of human resources who can find out diverse local resources in the fields of lives, cultures, environment, etc. to accordingly discover/create new values and make proposals of utilization of such local resources.

Features of Education Method

  1. We construct a practical education system, where the campus and the local community are linked to each other, so that the students can understand the actual status of the local community and also can be aware of the importance of knowing the view of local residents and the cooperation with the local residents. The core curriculum for that purpose is provided, which includes the following programs in each grade: "Local Study - Basic", "Local Community Seminar - Basic/Human Culture Seminar -Basic" and "Community Associating Project Seminar/Seminar of Special Region Studies".
  2. From the comprehensive view over conventional social science, human science and natural science, we have introduced the special study system for furtherance of knowledge of the special field of study and the studying method, in addition to the courses/programs aimed for the furtherance of understanding of actual local status starting from the introductory study to stepping up to basic, core and developed studies. In this way we construct the education system where the specialty and comprehensiveness co-exists.
  3. Our education is focused on the cultivation of human resources having adaptability and practical skills. To realize this, having the field works positioned as the mainstay, studies of theories by lectures and documentary searches are combined in a coordinated fashion, and the analysis ability will be improved by means of effective statistics and data processing.
  4. Our education is focused on the students' steady learning of the result of traditional sciences. We hope that students will properly perceive how the characteristics and problems in local lives are positioned in the modern society/lives, and how they are positioned in Japan as well as in the history/culture of the world.