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Fiscal Year of 2015, Akita University Graduation Ceremony





On Tuesday March 22, Akita University held its graduation ceremony at Akita Prefectural Hall. In attendance were 1,015 students from the departments of Education and Culture, Medicine, and Engineering and Resource Science, and 228 students from the Graduate School. A total of 1243 students graduated.

At the ceremony, acting President Nobuaki Ogawa gave representatives of each department and graduate school diplomas. He also gave a speech saying, "I would like all of you to continue in the neverending pursuit of knowledge. Do not afraid to venture forth into the unknown."

Then a representative of the graduates said, "I would like to use all my expertise, social development, and character that I have gained at university to fulfill the requirements of violent social change."

Also one of the international students gave a speech as a representative. She said, "I have learned to better appreciate things from my experience at university, I would like to engage in a process that will better the relationship between Kenya and Japan."

After the ceremony, the graduates received a blessing from their parents and club members outside of the hall. They took pictures and some of them were tossed into the air by their friends.