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Fiscal Year of 2016, a Staff Training for New Employees Was Held



Akita University conducted staff training for new employees at Akita University Hospital. This staff training is conducted every year for the new employees to understand and to be aware that it is a national corporation university and that it is configured with a variety of occupations and people. Also it is conduct so that new employees may acquire the basic knowledge that they need for their duties.

During the training, hospital director Habuchi gave a lecture to around 100 new employees and talked about the outline of University Hospital, its progressive approach, and the role that it is seeking to have. Director Habuchi also said, "I would like you to approach each daily task of your occupation as an employee of the University and the Hospital that contributes with the region. I am looking forward to see you all 10 or even 20 years later still having the fresh feeling that you have now."

After the joint training, another training was held for each occupation. Each department’s section chiefs explained their business model to their clerical and technical staff. The new employees participated in this training seriously.