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40Km Walk Meeting from Kanpuzan to Tegata Campus





On May 28th and 29th, Akita University carried out a walk meeting, an event held annually.
For this 51st time, start was at 9:00 p.m from Kanpuzan, Oga City to Tegata Campus for 40.3Km walking overnight. Students, faculty members and others participated in individual or team with 4 members.
Total of 298 people (171 individually, 127 in team) participated. At the opening ceremony, professor Masaru Onoda, start with a greeting “ I hope today’s walk meeting shall become a good memory for the participants.” Mr. Nakai, an executive committee chairman greeted as “I hope today’s event will contribute to deepen relationship among the participants."
Participants aimed for goal by lighting up the road at night with a flashlight.
Mr. Kosugi finished in the first place with the time of 02:39:41. Most participants goaled in the morning. Total of 290 people completed the full distance.