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Akita University Organized a Lecture in Katagami City




On Saturday March 26, Akita University held a lecture titled on "Thinking About Tsunami Disaster Prevention for Katagami City - Five Years After the Great East Japan Earthquake-"

This lecture was organized to encourage people to think of tsunami prevention for Katagami City, which is a wide and low-lying area. On that day around 50 citizens attended the lecture.

First, Professor Hideo Matsutomi, director of the local disaster prevention research center, gave a lecture. He explained the basic idea of proactive tsunami protection measures. He talked about the importance of facilities such as seawalls, systems such as education for disaster prevention, and community development such as placement of evacuation passages. He said "More importantly, all of these need to function comprehensively. This idea has not changed since more than 30 years ago."

Then Lecturer Kazuya Watanabe from the Graduate School of Engineering Science explained about tsunami evacuation by using floating shelters. He also explained about efficacy of their use in situations when the tsunami is higher than the shelters themselves, and how the floating shelters work by showing a video.

At the end, Associate Professor Takanobu Kamataki talked about the results of research on previous tsunami from the Sea of Japan. He said Akita Prefecture had some earthquakes with tsunami before and it is important to estimate the time of the next occurrence and be prepare for it.

It has been five years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, all the attendees listened the lectures seriously.