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Akita University’s Region-Wide Exchange Morning Market





On May 21st, Akita University held a morning market together with 7 autonomies(Kita Akita, Oga, Katagami, Senboku, Yokote City, Misato-Cho and Kigashinaruse-Mura) out of 15 those who we conclude partnership agreement.
This is the second time in the spring time and 4th time as a total.
At the morning Market, students interested in regional revitalization, local officials and local industry worked as a team for selling local products and PR of the area, for the purpose of neighbors to visit our campus, promotion of understanding diversity of each region and widen the circle of regional exchange.
15 students stood at the booth making PR for the area and enjoyed communicating with the visitors. They made a visit to each town to learn about the local products prior to morning market.
There also was a performance by student group activity, YOSAKOI circle “YOSATOSE KABUKI”, a Japanese dance circle.
Over 400 people have visited. Despite of the early start at 8:00 in the morning, products were sold out before 10:30 at 3 out of 7 autonomy’s booths.
We are planning the next morning market in autumn. Please pay a visit.