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Establishment of “Akita Revitalization COC+Conference” and Holding First Conference




Akita University adopted by MEXT for “Community Revitalization Project, COC (Center of Communities) + as a Community and Intellectual base university of the community”.
Together with Akita Prefectural University and National Institute of Technology, Akita College, we already are making promotion to support and cultivate young people, supporting for smoothly hired and retained locally to take counter measures against the increasing population aging rate.
In order to work on as “ALL Akita”, Akita Revitalization COC+ Conference was established.
First conference was held on June 10th at Akita University. President Fumio Yamamoto addressed “This meeting, Akita Revitalization COC+ is a place discussion to be made together with government and business communities. With relation to Akita prefectural government strategy, we would like to make effort for cultivation, expanding internship and others for young people to stay within Akita.”
Prefectural governor, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry president and head of autonomies and companies joined the discussion.
COC+ project is aiming for increase in employment rate for 10%, 100 students within Akita among the above mentioned 3 universities within 5 years.