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Briefing Session of the Study Abroad



On May 11th, for the first time for this fiscal year, International Exchange Center of Akita University held a briefing session for the students willing to study abroad.
At the session, system of student exchange program and overseas partner universities were introduced. Presentation was made from the student who studied abroad using the exchange program for what they prepared and experienced during the exchange program. Tatsuya Yamazaki, senior of Education and Human Studies, studied at St. Cloud State University (U.S.A) made a speech as “Important point in studying abroad is positive attitude and spirit of challenge.”, “How endless studying English is.”, “How important it is to make clear vision of how to make a benefit of studying abroad.”
Outline of overseas short-term training in foundation education course, speech from the student joined “North American Regions KAKEHASHI Project 2015” by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and support system for studying abroad “Tobitate Ryugaku JAPAN Project” by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was presented by Associate Professor Ryozo Sasaki.
He also made an advice as follows; “In order to bring study abroad to realization, please gather information from early stage, use ALL(Autonomous Language Learning) Rooms, a room where students can learn English from the students to improve English level, and visit international exchange center for advice.”