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International Research Workshop “Community Revitalization”



On June 13th, Akita University’s Doctoral Course/Master's course in Health Sciences held the 1st International Research Workshop “Community revitalization-health, welfare and happiness-“.
Teachers were invited from Suranaree University of Technology and Chiang Mai University of Thailand who we have agreement with. Workshop was held for the purpose of reconsidering community revitalization and understanding current situation of the community. More than 20 people audited the workshop.
Assistant Professor Yu Kume and Lecturer Sachiko Makabe made a presentation of “Activity Rhythm and Community Revitalization amoug Senior People in Akita”. 4 teachers from Thailand made a lecture for health management in fast-aging society of their country.
During the question and answer period, audience asked “What is the reason for choosing barber shop for health management place instead of convenience store?”. Assistant Professor Kume answered as “Barbar shops are rooted in the area, the place to visit at regular intervals and also spotted everywhere.” He also mentioned “We would like to continue research for health management of elderly as keeping good health of them is the key for community revitalization.”