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Joint Research Center
for Electric Architecture

The Joint Research Center for Electric Architecture is run with the support
of the Cabinet Office and Akita Prefectural Government under the Subsidy
for Regional University & Regional Industry Creation Project for Industry Creation through Research
and Development of Compact and Lightweight Electrification Systems.

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About the Joint Research Center for Electric Architecture

The Joint Research Center for Electric Architecture is an organization run together by Akita University and Akita Prefectural University and plays a central role in research and development related to the electrification of aircraft systems. The center has four departments: the Management-and-Planning Department, Research-and-Development (R&D) Department, Prototype-Testing Department, and Regional Talent Development Department. The center also established the Evaluation Laboratory for Next Generation Motors by renovating what was formerly Tanehira Elementary School in Yuwa, Akita City.

The Evaluation Laboratory for Next Generation Motors functions as a major testing and research facility to produce research outcomes related to aircraft electrification system technologies. Furthermore, a full-scale aircraft test facility (nicknamed “Copper Pheasant”) corresponding to a single-aisle aircraft and a test bench for high-capacity motors with a maximum testing capacity of 400 kW have been installed at the Evaluation Laboratory for Next Generation Motors. The utilization of our facility with such testing equipment can lead to activation of industries for companies and public institutions both within and outside of the Akita Prefecture. The center aims to be one of Japan’s major testing sites for aircraft system electrification. This initiative will trigger activities throughout industry in Akita Prefecture as a knock-on effect and enhance the level of technologies, create employment opportunities, and share its applications with other fields.

Welcome Message from Center Director

One of the Largest Pieces of
Motor Characteristic Evaluation System in Japan

Testing capacity400kW/ 
Maximum speed 20,000rpm

Trying a Wide Variety of Test Conditions and System Configurations

① Characterizations for developed motor and generator
② Endurance tests for the load driven by a motor
③ Verification tests of small/large systems connected to the grid

The facility is intended for R&D on the aircraft systems.

秋田大学・秋田県立大学 共同サステナブル工学専攻
Akita Research Initiative