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From entrance to graduation

  Department of School Education Local Science Department International Language Culture Department Human Environment Department
Subjects of Cultural Education

Seminar in the First Year, Sports Practice I & II, Subjects by Themes,
Subjects of Foreign Languages

Subjects of Basic Education
Common Subjects in the Faculty

◎Compulsory Subjects

Character Formation

Data Processing for Beginners

◎Elective Compulsory Subjects

Career Formation I, Career Formation II

Lifelong Study I, Lifelong Study II, Lifelong Study III, Lifelong Study IV

Lifelong Developmental Psychology I, Lifelong Developmental Psychology II, Lifelong Developmental Psychology III

Multicultural Coexistence Education I, Multicultural Coexistence Education II

General Seminar

Common Subjects in the Department

◎Compulsory Subjects
The theory of Curriculum Development
The theory of Techniques of Teaching Methods
Teaching profession seminars


◎Elective Compulsory Subjects
Psychology of Teaching/Learning I, Psychology of Teaching/Learning II

◎Compulsory Subjects
Basic Seminar
Local Science I
Local Science II
Local Culture

◎Compulsory Subjects
English - Exercise I
English - Exercise II


◎Elective Compulsory Subjects
Understanding of International Culture I
Understanding of International Culture II
Communication and Human

◎Compulsory Subjects
Basic Mathematics 1
Basic Mathematics 2


◎Elective Compulsory Subjects
Basic Mathematics 1
Protection of Natural Environment
Environmental Education
Informatization Education

Subjects of Specialty Education

◎Subjects of General Education
《Common Subjects in the Departments》
The theory of Moral Education
The theory of Special Activities
The Theory of Information Education Curriculum
The theory of Information Education - Practice
Understanding and Guiding Children
Understanding and Guiding Students
Understanding and Guiding Infants
Clinical Pedagogy - Introduction


《Specialized Subjects for Elementary Education》
《Teaching Methods by Subjects》
《Teaching Practice, etc.》


◎Subjects in Specialized Fields
Common Subjects in the Specialized Courses
Subjects Related to Education

◎Common Subjects in the Departments
Local Science Information Processing
Corporate & Administrative Trainings


◎Special Subjects for Specialized Courses

◎Common Subjects in the Departments
Basic Seminars for Respective Specialized Courses
Practical Foreign Language
Foreign Languages in Current News
Communication in Foreign Language
Graduation Study Guidance Seminar
Graduation Study Seminar


◎Compulsory Subjects


◎Subjects to be Chosen Freely in the Department

◎Common Subjects in the Departments
Ecology - Introduction
Environmental Technology -Basic
Programming - For Beginners
Programming - For Beginners - Practice
Linear Algebra


◎Elective Compulsory Subjects

Graduation Study: 6 credits
Graduation Study: 6 credits
Graduation Study: 6 credits
Graduation Study: 6 credits
Total credits
135 credits or more
124 credits or more
124 credits or more
124 credits or more


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