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Harassment Prevention Division

Purposes and Activities

On June 30, 2008, Akita University set out its Guidelines for Establishing the Harassment Prevention Office. The Harassment Prevention Office, which was set up to facilitate the prompt activities of human rights and ethics committees, forms part of the university’s framework for taking swift and appropriate action against cases of harassment, as well as for coming up with measures to prevent harassment from occurring.
In addition, in July 2009, a booklet of guidelines for harassment prevention and countermeasures called ‘For the Prevention of Harassment: Preventing and Dealing with Harassment’ was created and distributed to all teaching staff members at the university.


The preferred method for consultations is through an interview, as this allows us to analyze your case fully and come up with swift and appropriate measures. However, you are also welcome to get in touch via telephone, email or letter.

Who to Contact

The Harassment Prevention Office promotes harassment prevention measures at Akita University. For consultations relating to harassment, please get in touch with a harassment counsellor or contact the Harassment Prevention Office directly.