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Education and Research Projects

Akita University Integrated Research Organization for the Creation of Innovation – Multi-Project Laboratory

2014 Academic Year

Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP)
Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)
Research on the Integration System of Spatial Environment Analyses and Advanced Metal Recovery to Ensure Sustainable Resource Development




2013 Academic Year

enter of Community Project   
Regional Development aimed at promoting an Independent Aging Society in which all Individuals have Value


Project to subsidize the Development of Science and Technology Specialists: Project to support the Research Activities of Female Researchers (Hub-type)
Support for Female Researchers through the Creation of Social Capital that builds Bridges



2012 Academic Year

Program for Leading Graduate Schools
New Frontier Program for Rare-metal and Resources


Project for the Development of Systems that Improve and Enrich Education which meets the Needs of Industry
Developing Human Resources who will contribute to the Future of the Region and Society through Industry-Government-Academic Collaboration (join application with 16 collaborating institutions from Hokkaido and Tohoku)




Cancer Professional Training Plan
Plan to train the Next Generation of Cancer Treatment Professionals


2011 Academic Year

Tenure-track Program for Young Faculty Members in the Research Field of Mineral Resources


Funding Program for Next Generation World-Leading Researchers


2011 Academic Year Support Project for the Training of Science and Mathematics Students
Student Support Project for Science and Mathematics: Program to develop
Scientists with Creative Ideas – Helix Project to lengthen Nails that Stick Out



2010 Academic Year

Program for Promoting University Education and Student Support (Education GP)
Practical Project for Transitional Education between High School and University


Project to support the Development of Job-hunting Skills among University Students: Project to reform University Education that emphasizes the Development of Job-hunting Skills


2009 Academic Year

Special Coordination Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology: The Development of Role Models to support Female Researchers
Collaboration between Universities and Support for Female Researchers in Akita



Project to develop Educational Programs in Science and Mathematics that are connected with Society
Food Lovers ☆ Project to discover your Dreams: From the Macro to Micro in People’s Bodies


2008 Academic Year

Program to Foster Human Resources with a High Level of Expertise at Specialist Graduate Schools
Project for the Development of Human Resources in the Field of Resources Development>


Support Project for Strategic University Collaborations
Project 4A – The Construction of Vases through Collaboration and the Development of Akita’s Strategic Studies


Special Coordination Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology: Program for Creating Local Active Human Resources Fostering Institutions
Program for developing Technical Experts to run Akita Urban Mine



2007 Academic Year

Program to promote Education at Specialist Graduate Schools:
The Transmission and Creation of Practical Knowledge
– Integrating Teacher Training and In-service Education through Mutual Entry and School Volunteer Work



Global COE Program
Integrated Research on Molecular and Cellular Regulation Signals


Plan for the Development of Cancer Professionals
Plan for the Development of Comprehensive Cancer Specialists in Northern Tohoku


2006 Academic Year

Distinctive University Education Programs (Distinctive GP)
The Construction of Gaming Simulation-type Lessons: Experiential Learning Project for developing Practical Skills for Society



Program GP for the Development of High-quality Medical Professionals who can respond to the Social Need for Regional Medicine (Medical Professional GP)
Comprehensive Educational Collaboration between Key Regional Hospitals and University Hospitals: Initiatives for resolving the Uneven Distribution of Doctors by Field




2005 Academic Year

Program for the Development of Teachers at Universities and Graduate Schools (Teacher Development GP)
School Clinical Development of Education and Research Leaders


Other projects

Comprehensive Teacher Development which fosters Comprehensive Areas for Learning and utilizes these as Bases for Training


Research Project for the Prevention of Suicide