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Student Life

Akita University Pocketbook for International Students

The Pocketbook provides various information that will assist you in your day to day life while you are international student at Akita University.

Akita University Pocketbook For International Students PDF

Office Hours

Akita University has three full-time Japanese language instructors, who each have his/her own office hours. You can ask any questions regarding studying or lessons during their office hours.

Time & Date*     Place  Counselor
Tuesday 16:30-18:00 General Education Bldg 1, #203-1 ICHISHIMA, Noriko
Associate Professor
【Spring Sem】Tuesday 12:30-14:50
【Fall Sem】Wednesday 10:30-12:00
General Education Bldg 1, #203-2 HAMADA, Noriko
Assistant Professor
Wednesday 10:30-12:00 General Education Bldg 1, #205 YUAN, Xiaoben
Assistant Professor

*Appointments are not required. Excluding holiday periods.