秋田大学国際資源学研究科にビャーカソン,エルヴァ カール助教が着任しました


Bjarkason, Elvar Karl(ビャーカソン,エルヴァ カール)助教が、4月1日付けで資源開発環境学専攻に着任しました。
先生に研究分野(Research field)について伺いました。

I am interested in exploring ways of improving the management of geothermal energy resources. My research involves using numerical reservoir models to describe geothermal systems and considering how models can be used to estimate future energy production and to support management decisions. Along with carrying out numerical reservoir simulations, I develop and apply optimization and data assimilation methods with the goal of revealing what the combination of field observations and numerical reservoir models can tell us about the state of geothermal systems.

Message to Akita university students

I hope you enjoy learning about the various topics on offer at Akita University and exploring further the topics that you are most passionate about. During my undergraduate studies at the University of Iceland, I was fortunate to get to delve into research on particle physics (as a summer student at CERN), semiconductors and astrophysics, before finding out that I was most passionate about geothermal energy. I encourage you to stay curious and open to different opportunities; it may surprise you what subjects you find fascinating.