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Research themes

We conduct research on new refinement methods for rare element resources, the development of recycling technology, and the development of technology utilizing highly functional materials containing rare metals. Rare metal recycling and wastewater treatment in the resource and environmental fields, development of high-density magnetic recording elements containing rare metals and high-resolution magnetic force microscopes in the information and nano-technology fields, and the impact of rare-earth metals on living organisms in the life sciences are being studied. Priorities are given to research that produce outcomes with a high likelihood of being implemented in practice, or commercialized with high engineering values.

Current research themes can be classified into the following four areas:

  • Refinement of rare element resources and recycling technology
  • High-level functional design based on rare elements
  • Rare element recycling and development towards a recycling society
  • Comprehensive research on rare element recycling and the environment

These research projects are being conducted at present.