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Aims and expected outcomes

The main purpose is to develop recycling technology that can effectively recover rare elements from waste materials and advanced material design for rare elements. We aim to create revolutionary technology that can be applied widely to industries surrounding rare elements. Moreover, another motive is accomplishing the training of creative young researchers to cultivate a venture mindset.

A number of individual research projects have been established in the VBL. The major research topics and fields that are expected to create new industries are the following:

  • To effectively recycle and recover useful metals including rare elements from metal-contaminated soils, wastewater, and industrial waste in industrial and mining regions, in addition to establishing refining technology. These projects are important in the fields of resource recycling, and the collaboration of industry, academia, and government facilitates the creation of the resource recycling industry.
  • To develop high-density information recording elements and sensing elements through high-level functional design using rare metals. We hope to create new information and electronic industries through research and development in collaboration with local high-tech companies in fields of advanced materials such as semiconductors and magnetic materials.
  • To develop mechanical design techniques considering recyclability and separability after disposal at the material and product design stages. The establishment of design approaches is an important research topic for transformation into resource recycling industry. The creation of advanced business ventures can be achieved through research and development in conjunction with electronic components industries.