Students from the Malaysian University of Technology visited our lab.

On February 16(Friday), a total of 8 graduate students,etc.from the Malaysian University of Technology visited our lab.
This visit was for the Sakura Science Program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) "Exchange program to experience the cutting edge of aircraft electrification and snow country Akita" (Performer: Professor Takahiro Adachi (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Akita University) ).
On the day, after introducing the thermal air management experimental equipment installed in the laboratory (2), we introduced the motor bench and the Copper Pheasant in the laboratory (1).
We received many questions and were impressed by everyone's willingness and passion to learn new knowledge.

Additionally, on February 17(Saturday), we held a roundtable discussion with 20 high school students from Akita prefecture (17 students from Yuri High School, 1 student from Honjo High School, and 2 students from Noshiro High School) and the graduate students from the Malaysian University of Technology.
All communication was conducted in English, and after a tour of Professor Adachi's laboratory, the participants introduced themselves, Akita and Malaysia, and engaged in free talking.
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