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Using University Facilities

Akita University seeks to open its doors to the world and provide support for lifelong learning. It does this by contributing in terms of education, research and human resources, such as by holding extension courses, and by providing use of its facilities, including its libraries, classrooms and athletic facilities.

* The use of university facilities is limited to short periods of time during times when they are not being used for lessons, student club activities or other university purposes.

Main Facilities that are Available for Temporary Use at Akita University and Contact Information for Applications

Facility Contact Telephone number
Baseball ground (Tegata area)● Student Support Center 018-889-2255
Athletic field (Tegata area)●
Tennis courts (Tegata area) 5 courts
Swimming pool (Tegata area)
Gymnasium (Tegata area)
University Hall (Clair)
Nyuto Lodge
Multi-purpose ground (Hondo area) Faculty of Medicine Educational Affairs
Tennis courts (Hondo area) 5 courts
Gymnasium (Hondo area)
Classroom etc. The Global Center for Higher Education 018-889-3193
Faculty of Education and Human Studies 018-889-2507
Faculty of Medicine Educational Affairs
Faculty of Engineering and Resource

* Use of the swimming pool is limited to groups.


Fees for the use of facilities are determined according to the type of facility, size of facility and other such factors.
Facilities with a ● mark come equipped with floodlights. Use of these facilities at night time is subject to a separate fee.

How to Apply

Those wishing to use facilities at Akita University are requested to contact the Student Support Center in advance. If your desired facility is available for use, you will be required to submit a Request for a Temporary Loan of Facilities form and pay the fee in advance.