The second workshop was held jointly with Ritsumeikan University Carbon Neutral Aviation Research Group.

Professor Adachi(Akita Univ.) giving a presentation

Professor Muraoka(Akita Univ.) giving a presentation

Poster session venue

From Friday January26 to Saturday January27,Joint Research Center for Electric Architecture held the second workshop in collaboration with the Ritsumeikan University Carbon Neutral Aviation Research Group (Venue: College Plaza in Akita City ).

This workshop was planned by Professor Yoshitaka Kawabata (College of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University), who is the Vice Director of the Center (Akita University, Specially Appointed Professor) through a cross-appointment system.

By presenting the efforts and research of both parties, we aim to revitalize research and consider the possibility of future collaboration and joint research.

Over the two days, 9 research presentations and 21 short presentations and poster presentations by students were held, resulting in lively discussions.

The center will continue to promote research in collaboration with Ritsumeikan University.
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