Center Director

Junichi Sakaki

Executive Advisor

Hitoshi Oyori

Assistant to Center Director

Takenobu Hongo

General Manager of Research-and-Development (R&D) Department

Katsubumi Tajima

General Manager of Regional Talent Development Department

Mamoru Mizuno

General Manager of Management-and-Planning Department & Prototype-Testing Department

Keiichi Kutsuzawa

System Efficiency Evaluations

Energy Recovery & Aircraft Energy Innovation

Hybrid Laminar Flow Control

Large Output Motor Development

Electric Power Leveling & Redundancy

Fuel Pump Durability and Environmental Resistance Testing

Development of Ultra Fast Motors, New Structure Rotors, Blowers, and Fuel Pump Motors

Gear Shaft Machining & Machining of Soft Magnetic Materials

Aster Joint Research & Satellite Laboratory

Security Implementation