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Admission Policies

Qualities that Akita University looks for in Prospective Students

At Akita University, we aim to develop human resources who are capable of playing a leading role in 21st century Japan and the international community. To this end, the university’s ultimate goal, which applies to all its educational programs, is to cultivate students with rich personal qualities that are underpinned by a wide-ranging education, in-depth expertise and a high level of ethics.

Based on this goal, Akita University welcomes applications from prospective students who, having obtained the basic academic abilities required to study specialist content in their chosen field at university level, possess the following kinds of qualities and ambitions:

  1. People with a strong spirit of enquiry in their studies and who possess the creativity needed for further development
  2. People with a desire to contribute to regional development
  3. People who understand a range of issues facing humanity at the international level and who wish to help solve these

Please click on the below links for the admission policies for each faculty/graduate school.