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Campus Tours

Campus Tours

High school campus tours provide an opportunity for high school students and teachers to get to know Akita University better, and to take an interest in its activities.

If you wish to organize a campus tour as part of your high school’s career guidance program or for other purposes, please fill out the necessary information on the University Campus Tour Application Form and apply by FAX to Akita University Admission Division up to one month prior to your desired tour date.


  • Campus tours are available from Monday to Friday (excluding National Holidays).
  • Individuals who wish to look around campus do not need to apply. Please feel free to stop by and look around. Please note that individuals are not permitted to enter the university buildings.
  • Please be aware that the period from November to March of every year is when entrance examinations take place; as such, we may not be able to accommodate your request for a tour during this time.
  • Those who are planning a tour around the time when the university holds its Open Campus are requested to take part in this event. Details on the 2014 academic year Open Campus can be found here.

Steps from Application to Campus Tour

  1. Complete the University Campus Tour Application Form and apply by FAX to Akita University Admission Division.
  2. The Admission Division will contact you confirming or declining your request. (Please allow 10 days for us to process your request)
  3. Send a campus tour request to the Admission Division or the relevant faculty (signed by the principle of your high school; format optional).
  4. Campus tour

※Requests for campus tours for elementary school students, junior high school students and members of the public are dealt with by the Regional Development Division (TEL: 018-889-2270).


Akita University Admission Division
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