Dept.of Earth Resource Engineering and Environmental Science

Dept.of Resource Policy and Management

Acquire resource development skills considering environment and work worldwide!

The competition for resources such as petroleum, natural gas, and even rare metal occurs in the world. In order to build a sustainable society, stable supply of resources and effective production technologies are indispensable for us. Recently, new technologies that locate and excavate resources deep underground, separate and concentrate them, and refine them to make highly pure materials have been required. Furthermore, we need production methods friendly to the environment and expect new energy resources called unconventional resource such as shale gas. In addition, ideas such as recycling and resource circulation are getting to be important, and we need to think over resource development and production engineering focusing on 21st century.
Students can learn specialized fields related to resource development and the environment, recycling, and the use of materials in this course. As a matter of course, English education is emphasized and students will acquire knowledge and skills required to work in international environments. Why don't you learn the really energetic leading-edge field called "resource development"? Let's learn the next-generation technologies harmonized with the earth and environment, and jump into the world as an engineer leading resource development!

Education and studies

Study on circulation of resource environment substance

We study movement and concentration mechanism of metallic elements and toxic substances related to resource development and water resource maintenance.

  • Professor: Daizo ISHIYAMA
  • Associate Professor: Yasumasa OGAWA
  • General manager of engineering: Hiroshi KAWARAYA

Resource separation engineering

We study the method of producing petroleum resources, geothermal resources, etc. effectively and without causing environmental loads through experiments and numerical calculation.

  • Professor: Hikari FUJII
  • Professor:Shigemi Naganawa
  • Assistant Professor: Kazunori Abe
  • Technical specialist: Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA

Geophysical prospecting study

We study underground structure using physical phenomena such as electricity, magnetism, gravity, earthquake waves, and electromagnetic waves.

  • Assistant Professor: Shinya SAKANAKA

Resource separation engineering

We study development of separation and concentration technologies using physical properties of mineral resources, and recycling technologies of resources such as rare metals.

  • Professor: Atsushi SHIBAYAMA
  • Associate Professor:Kazutoshi Haga
  • Associate Professor: Shigeru Kawamura
  • Technical staff:Shiori Sato

Rock engineering

We study resource development of the environment maintenance type using rock investigations, stability analysis, and water jet excavation technologies based on the dynamics of rock.

  • Professor: Tadao IMAI
  • Associate Professor: Akihisa KIZAKI
  • Technical staff: Mitsuhiro Fujiwara

Mining engineering

We study the new mining technologies in association with ICT to maximize efficiency, productivity and safety for the better future.

Resource separation engineering

We study the effective collection of scarce resources from urban mines and basic principles for refining scarce resources at high temperature based on physical chemistry.

  • Associate Professor: Yasushi TAKASAKI
  • Associate Professor: Masahiko Bessho

Registration model: Dept.of Resource Policy and Management

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

Expected course and field after graduation

Globally active mineral resource development companies, petroleum resource exploration/development companies, international resource consultant, resource-related plant companies, resource-related trading companies, national organization for resource policies, national or private research institutes, teacher or research worker of resource-related collages/universities, etc.