Smart Mining Program


Akita University/Kyushu University
An innovative program for development of core human resources for smart mining to lead sustainable resource development in Southern Africa


What is Smart Mining Program?

In resource-rich Southern Africa countries, advanced development of those underground resources is crucial for economic growth, with an urgent need for increased education and research ability to better equip personnel with the skills needed to balance effective resource development with environmental conversation. This coursework-based undergraduate and master’s program develops a base for multi-layered enterprise development. Information engineering (AI, IoT, Big Data etc.) is the core technology of “Industrial 4.0” and “Society 5.0” that is in turn based on both the traditional and current state-of-the-art in which Japan excels. This program will produce globally-minded individuals who possess the ability to practice the future of resource informatics (Smart Mining) in both Japan and Southern Africa.

Program Overview

Nurturing Global Talent

Training of the global leaders skills listed below

  1. Practical skills based on advanced technical knowledge
  2. Ingenious technological development skills based on a solid foundation of Information Engineering to allow for a dimensional transition into the next stage of current resource development studies
  3. Design and management compatibilities with a panoramic view of the whole resource and environmental system
  4. Ability to negotiate between producer and consumer countries with a sense of balance that demonstrates a firm understanding of the positions of both parties