Outline of curriculum

Contents of education Curriculum

  Basic subjects Admission
Dept.of Resource Policy and Management Dept.of Earth Resource Science Dept.of Earth Resource Engineering and Environmental Science
1st year I-EAP(intensive university English) 【Acquire a comprehensive English skill to be the base of personnel for
global resource】

●Introduction to environmental studies for resource development
●Practice of resource science
○Introductionto international relations
○Introduction to sociology of resource local community
○Introduction to earth sciences
○Introduction to resource geology
○Practice of discussions
○Practice of debates
○Special lecture of international affairs

●=Compulsory subject

Cultural subjects
●1st-year seminar
●Theme-specific subjects
・Contemporary society ・Science study
・Local society ・Human and culture
・Living and Health ・Application of skills
●International language subject
●Sports culture

Basic subject
・History of international resource diplomacy
・Intercultural communication
・Resource development and human rights issues
・Fundamental resource economics
・International cooperation of Japan
・Rudimentary mathematics
・Theoretical physics
・Basic chemistry
・Experiments of theoretical physics
・Experiments of basic chemistry
Practice of resource sciences All students engage in geological excursion, and a visit to mine, smelter and recycle facilities
2nd year Dept.of Resource Policy and Management specialized subjects Dept.of Earth Resource Science specialized subjects Dept.of Earth Resource Engineering and Environmental Science specialized subjects
3rd year International resource creative practice
【Prior and post study for international resource field work】
●Resource policy theory
●International laws
●International economics
●Comparative politics
●International cooperation theory
●Cultural anthropology
●Negotiation theory
●Petroleum resource
●Energy geopolitics
●Study of resource area
●Resource trends theory
○Geologicmapping, etc.
●Theory of international situation analysis
●Development economics
●Mining Act
●Resource contract theory
●Resource environmental economics
●Applied study of resource area
●Theory of human resource management
●Special lecture on international cooperation
●Specialized presentation skills
○Theory of resource development production
○Resource recycling
○Study of recycle system, etc.
●Historical geology
●Petroleum geology
●Experiment of paleontology
●Study of metallic mineral deposit
●Experiment of mineralogy
●Experiment of petrology
○International laws
○Material mechanics, etc.
●Analytical study of paleoenvironment
●Structural geology
●Experiment of study of petroleum mineral deposit
●Experiment of historical geology
●X-ray crystallography
●Experiment of metallic mineral deposit
●Remote sensing geology
●Experiment of metallic and minetral deposit petrology
●Specialized presentation skills
○Physical prospection
○Rock mechanics, etc.
●Material mechanics
●Fluid mechanics
●Physical chemistry
●Analytical chemistry
●Engineering drawing
●Petroleum engineering
●Powder and interfacial engineering
●Resource processing
●Fundamental engineering lab
○Study of metallic mineral deposit, etc.
●Physical prospection
●Resource prospection
●Computer programming
●Geotherma engineering
●Rock mechanics
●Rock engineering
●Surveying and practice
●Recycling and wastewater treatment engineering
●Refining process engineering
●Specialized presentation skills
○Resource environmental economics, etc.
4th year Overseas resource field work
*Compulsory subject
  ●Resource project management
●Study proposals, etc.
●Applied metallic and mineral deposit study
●Applied mineralogy
●Study proposals, etc.
●Reading of documents related to earth resource engineering and environmental science
●Study proposals,etc.
Graduation work study

I-EAP (intensive university English)

This is a basic subject for acquiring a comprehensive ability in English which is to be the base of global personnel for resources. Lessons are given in a small group class only in English. Lessons for presentation with foreign students are also introduced.

Increase basic vocabulary and reinforce the ability of reading and understanding.

Improve listening comprehension and learn the basis of academic writing.

Acquire the ability of academic presentation and develop comprehensive communicativity.

International resource creative practice

This is provided as an opportunity of previous and post learning to understand the purpose of the overseas resource field work (approximately four-week practice at a mine/oil-related company or trading company, international cooperation organization, etc.) which is mandatory for all students, and to make the said field work meaningful.

  • Selection of the area for field work
  • Request and notice to the destination
  • Orientation by teachers according to the category of the business
  • Previous learning by each student

  • Preparation of report
  • Report meeting