The Faculty of International Resource Sciences consists of three departments, aiming to foster world-class resource specialists with expertise in social sciences/humanities and sciences/engineering fields. We will equip students with a sophisticated capability to lead the resource policy formulation in the global arena.

Dept. of Resource Policy and Management
(Social sciences/humanities)

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The goal of the Department is to equip students with the ability to analyze world affairs surrounding resources correctly and negotiate with resource countries, so they can lead the resource strategy formulation.

  • Understanding of mineral  economics and international affairs
  • Legal and political systems in resource-rich countries
  • Negotiations over resource exploration and development
  • History, culture and religion in resource areas
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Dept. of Earth Resource Science

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This Department aims to foster engineers and researchers in cutting-edge earth science, who can estimate the distribution of resources and explore for new natural resources.

  • Estimate of the distribution of resources
  • Exploration for new mineral resources
  • Analysis of the Earth’s history
  • Study of the mechanisms of resource generation
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Dept. of Earth Resource Engineering
and Environmental Science

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This Department will cultivate engineers and researchers to realize an eco-friendly resource development and recycling-based society.

  • Resource development technologies
  • Optimum methods of resource production
  • Recycling and refining technologies
  • Environmental protection technologies at mines
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