Dept. of Earth Resource Engineering
and Environmental Science

Dept. of Earth Resource Engineering and Environmental Science

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To foster world-class engineers for the next-generation resource development

To realize sustainable living for all people on planet earth, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set at the 2015 UN Summit. They are 17 detailed goals with 169 targets, one of which is “Affordable and clean energy”. Japan's “Mining Law” also states that developing mineral resources is to contribute to public welfare, never causing harm to health and hygiene. By SDGs, we reaffirm that resource and energy development must be “affordable and clean”. Based on this noble philosophy, we hope that students who study here in the Department of Earth Resource Engineering and Environmental Science will grow as engineers who can fulfill minimally invasive development and production of resources and energy, and distribute them justly around the world.

Coursework explores

Resource Environment Substance Circulation Studies

The movement and concentration mechanisms of metallic elements and hazardous substances involves in resource development and water resource conservation.

Energy Resources Engineering

Efficient and eco-friendly production methods of petroleum and geothermal resources, through experimentation and numerical calculation.

Rock Engineering

Environmentally sound resource development through rock surveys, stability analyses, and water jet drilling technologies, with a foundation in rock dynamics.

Geosystem Engineering

Oil, gas, geothermal, and other resource developments including offshore resources and CCS with focuses on drilling engineering and reservoir simulation.

Mineral and Metallurgical Processing

The development of isolation and concentration technologies that utilize mineral resources, rare metals, and other resource recycling technologies, as well as the efficient recovery of scarce resources from urban mines, and the basic principles of pyro and hydrometallurgy.

Mining Technologies

Studies are conducted to develop a new discipline which takes an interdisciplinary approach such as ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Soft-computing and Robotics into Mining and Disaster Control.

Registration model: Dept.of Resource Policy and Management

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

Career opportunities

  • Global resource company
  • National or international organization for resource policy
  • National or private research institute
  • University teaching or research job

          and more.