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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular characters, which are held outside of normal lesson hours, are intended to help students develop as individuals through sporting and cultural activities of their own choosing.

In other words, as students engage in these activities based on their own policies and self-discipline, it is important that in all activities they retain a sense of self-awareness and responsibility as Akita University students.

Akita University is home to many clubs and circles that students have formed through their own initiative. The university’s sporting and athletics groups regularly appear in many different competitions, such as the Tohoku Inter-university Athletic Meet, where they have recorded an impressive list of achievements. Likewise, the university’s cultural and arts groups have actively sought to engage with members of local communities with their activities, which have been met with a favorable reception. These activities include giving presentations on the content of their activities, staging parties and participating in local events.

In addition, students from all years are involved in many extracurricular activities and events that are not related to clubs and circles. In order to make the most of your time at Akita University and lead more meaningful student lives, we hope that you will become actively involved in extracurricular activities and events.

Major Extracurricular Events

Event Details
Walking Race
This race starts at 9 pm at Kanpuzan on the Oga Peninsula, with participants having to walk the whole 40 km journey back to the university. In an average year, around 450 students, teaching staff and members of the general public take part in this legendary university event.
Tohoku Inter-university Athletic Meet
An athletic meet of national, public and private universities in the Tohoku region, with 16 categories of events for men and women.
Club leader training
In addition to giving the leaders of extracurricular activity groups the knowledge needed to run their activities and teaching them how to use first aid equipment, this training session is held every year to foster friendships among participants.
University Festival
The University Festival, a much-loved event among both university members and non-members alike, aims to encourage inter-faculty exchanges and deepen ties between students, teaching staff and members of the general public.
Akita University Ekiden Championship
In an average year, 30 teams, including both men and women, come to compete in this relay marathon, which aims to increase ties between students and students and staff, and to nurture a spirit of sportsmanship. This event creates a great deal of excitement at the university, including among those who turn out to cheer for the competitors,

2013 Academic Year List of Clubs and Circles

Groups that have been registered at the Student Support Center

Sport/athletic Arts/cultural
Archery Club, Ice Hockey Club, ASA Tennis Circle, American Football Club, Ultimate Frisbee Circle BLITZ, FC Ashibe, Outdoor Circle
Karate club, Basic Skiing Club, Japanese Archery Club, Competitive Skiing Club, Grove (baseball), Caving Club, Hard Tennis Club, Hard Baseball Club, Golf Circle, Curling Club
Automobile Club, Soccer Club, Judo Club, Shorinji Kempo Club, Women’s Basketball Club, Women’s Volleyball Club, Women’s Handball Club, Swimming Club, Akita University Kendo Club, Soft Tennis Club, Jinkan FC, Mountaineering Club, Cycling Club
Athletics Association, Table Tennis Club, Men’s Basketball Club, Men’s Volleyball Club, Men’s Handball Club, Saturday Basketball, Triathlon Club
Soft Baseball Club, North Viking (Futsal)
Badminton Circle, Badminton Club, Paraglider Wind Chaser, Paradogs (Futsal), Volleyball Circle, Billiard Circle, Famista 9 (Soft Baseball)
Rugby Club, Athletics Club, Leisure Circle
Hiking Club
AKITAID (Akita University Disaster Reconstruction Support Group), Akita Student BBS Association, AMAN, Go Club, Electone Circle “Hibiki,” Theatrical Circle “Kita no kai,” Music Association, AKTeco, AUP Akita University Press Bureau, A Cappella Circle ixi, Akita Marugoto! GABAheraice Project
Society for the Study of Magic, Society for the Study of Light Music, Keyboard Society p.f., Korea Circle, Mixed Choir A.Choir, Society for the Study of Wind Instrument
Tea Ceremony Club, Photography Club, Brass Band, Creative Workshop, Society for the Study of Mystery Novel
Akita University Festival Committee, Dance Circle S.P.Y, Sign Language/Brail Circle T.E., Tabletop Games Circle, Astronomical
Society South American Fork Music Circle La-mia, New Brass Ensemble, Niji
Percussion Ensemble Group, Programming Association TNP, Volunteer Circle V-net, BORDERLESS, Fashion Circle Copine
Society for the Study of Manga C-club
Yosakoi Circle Yosatose Kabuki
Society for the Study of ROCK & POPS PLAY MISS

Registered Groups from the Faculty of Medicine

Sport/athletic Arts/cultural
Outdoor Circle
Kendo Club, Japanese Archery Club
Soccer Club, Mountaineering Club, Women’s Judo Club, Semi-hardball Baseball Club, Women’s Curling Club, Women’s Competitive Skiing Club, Women’s Hard Tennis Club, Women’s Soccer Club, Women’s Soft Tennis Club, Women’s Table Tennis Club, Women’s Basketball Club, Women’s Badminton Club, Women’s Volleyball Club, Swimming Club, Women’s Boat Club, Women’s Athletics Club
Men’s Curling Club, Men’s Competitive Skiing Club, Men’s Hard Tennis Club, Men’s Soft Tennis Club, Men’s Table Tennis Club, Men’s Basketball Club, Men’s Badminton Club, Men’s Volleyball Club, Fishing Club, Men’s Judo Club, Triathlon Club, Men’s Boat Club, Men’s Athletics Club
Handball Club, Futsal Club
Medical Bowling Association (Bowling Club)
Rugby Club
Akita University Faculty of Medicine Executive Committee, E.S.S., Faculty of Medicine Brass Band Club
Light Music OUTPUT, International Medical Exchange Group, Faculty of Medicine Street Dance Circle Dooties
Chamber Orchestra, Photography Club, Society for the Study of JAZZ, Sign Language Club, Bible GroupVolunteer Team AAA
Society for the Study of Clinical Psychology

Facilities related to Extracurricular Activities

Tegata Campus

Name Content Administrator
Athletic field Athletics track, soccer/rugby field (equipped with floodlights), artificial turf Student support center
Baseball ground Equipped with floodlights
Tennis courts 5 courts, equipped with floodlights
Large gymnasium Arena, Judo hall, Kendo hall, training room
Small gymnasium  
Japanese archery ground  
Swimming pool 25 m 7 courses
Building for clubs Including rooms and storage facilities
Training camp facility Capacity of 50 people, 21 mat room, 16 mat room (2), 6 mat room, wash room, shower room (2), kitchen facilities

Hondo Campus

Name Content Administrator
Multi-purpose ground Athletics, baseball, soccer, rugby, archery Faculty of Medicine
Tennis courts 5 courts, all-weather type
Gymnasium Volleyball, badminton, Judo, basketball, table tennis, futsal
Building for sport/athletic and arts/cultural clubs  

Procedures for Extracurricular Activities

Tegata Campus

Extracurricular activities Procedures
Formation of groups When attempting to form student groups (officially-recognized groups) such as clubs and circles, please submit the following: Notification of Formation of Student Group; Agreement; Register of Members and one year’s worth of Club Activity Reports. Notification etc. can be made at the Student Support Center at the start of each academic year.
Groups that receive official recognition from the university are entitled to use club and circle facilities, and to receive subsidies. Note that in order to receive official recognition, groups need to fulfill the following criteria:
(1) Membership comprising of 10 or more students from this university;
(2) Consist of activities suitable for a student group and have clear rules and regulations;
(3) Have a member of teaching staff involved in supporting the group’s administration and activities as an advisor;
(4) Adhere to the university’s rules and regulations and not deviate from the norms for a student group.
Continuation of groups When seeking to continue on with club or circle activities, the person in charge should fill in and attach a register of members to the Notification of Continuation of a Student Group form and submit it at the beginning of each academic year.
Use of sports and athletics facilities When using the baseball ground, athletic field, tennis court and large and small gymnasiums, please fill in the Application to use Sports and Athletics Facilities and submit it to the Student Support Center. Use of the facilities is limited to times when they are not being used for regular curriculum and extracurricular activities. Note that these procedures are not necessary for officially-recognized clubs and circles.
Gatherings When attempting to hold a gathering on campus, the person in charge must fill in the Notification of Gathering form and submit it to the Student Support Center up to 2 days prior to the intended day of the gathering. Also, please apply to use the relevant facility when using university facilities as the venue for gatherings. Note that these procedures are not necessary for officially-recognized groups.
Use of facilities When attempting to use facilities under the management of the university, the person in charge must fill in the Notification of Use of Facilities form and submit it up to 2 days prior to the intended day of the gathering. Note that notification is made to different locations depending on the facility in question. In the case of facilities (classrooms) under the management of faculties, please apply at the Welfare Section of the faculty concerned. In the case of facilities such as sports and athletics facilities, University Hall or the training camp facility, please apply at the Student Support Center.
Use of University Hall When using training rooms and Japanese-style rooms on the 2nd floor of University Hall, please obtain permission by filling in the Application for Use of University Hall form and submitting it to the Student Support Center. In principle, applications should be made one month prior to the intended day of use. Please follow the Akita University Rules for Use of University Hall when using the hall.
Use of training camp facility When using the training camp facility, please fill in the Application for Use of Training Camp Facility form and submit it to the Student Support Center up to 5 days prior to the intended day of use. Use of this facility is allocated at the monthly captains’ meeting of the Athletics Club. Those from arts and cultural clubs and circles wishing to use the facility should participate in the captains’ meeting after having contacted the Athletics Club.
Plan for implementing and participating in extracurricular activities Clubs and circles seeking to participate in events (competitions) should fill in the Plan for implementing and participating in Extracurricular Activities form and submit it to the Student Support Center after having obtained the approval of the teacher serving as an advisor. Following the event, please do not delay in submitting a Report implementing and participating in Extracurricular Activities.
Expeditions When carrying out an expedition at part of extracurricular activities, please fill in the Notification of Expedition form and submit it in advance to the Student Support Center (Hiking Club and Mountaineering Club only).
Collecting donations/selling items When collecting donations or selling items, please fill in the Notification of Collecting Donations or Selling Items form and submit it to the Student Support Center.
Notices Those wishing to display notices on any of the notice boards around campus should send the notice that they wish to display to the relevant section and receive a stamp of permission. The section you need to contact differs depending on the notice board concerned.

Contacting Students and Notice boards

In principle, notices can be displayed on student notice boards in the Student Support Center for 2 weeks. Please remove notices promptly following the elapse of this period.
Loans of equipment for extracurricular activities
Procedures for borrowing and returning equipment
Those wishing to borrow equipment should fill in the necessary items on the Application to Borrow Equipment form located in the University Hall Caretaker’s Office and apply to the University Hall Caretaker. Loans are provided on the basis of a written exchange, so please follow the caretaker’s instructions. There are many people applying for equipment at certain times of the year, so please ensure to apply early once you know when you need to borrow equipment. Please make sure to return the equipment by the given deadline. When returning equipment, please inform the caretaker if any irregularities occurred with the equipment that you used. (In some cases, students are liable to pay compensation for equipment depending on the condition of equipment at the time)
Loan period
The loan period for equipment is within 1 week.
Times loans can be made
Loan requests and returns are dealt with between 2:00pm and 4:30pm.
Main kind of equipment available to borrow
Baseball equipment, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, table tennis equipment, badminton rackets, soft volleyballs, camping equipment (summer), skiing and snowboarding equipment/ski wear (winter), transceivers, wireless amps, stopwatches, pots, tabletop stoves etc.
* Please return ski wear after having cleaned it.