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Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

University Hall (Clair)

University Hall (Clair) is a facility with a total area of 3,219 m2 that underwent renovation work in October 2001. This is a facility for all students and staff at the university, constructed with the aim of deepening friendship between fellow students and between students and staff, thus enriching student life on campus.

University Hall contains the kinds of facilities as described below, which we hope you will make full use of. When using training rooms and Japanese-style rooms, please obtain permission by filling in the Application for Use of University Hall form and submitting it to the Student Support Division. In principle, applications should be made one month prior to the intended day of use.

Floor Type of facility Area (㎡) Size Uses
1st floor Dining hall 1,192 870 seats  
Kitchen 88    
Food/lunchbox corner (Pancoco) 128    
Café corner 69    
Amenity corner 311   A place where students and staff can come to talk and relax
Administration office 21    
Storage room 39    
ATM 25    
2nd floor Training room (1) 73 Around 50 people Can be used for meetings, lectures, training etc.
Training room(2) 48
Training room(3) 45 Around 20 people
Meeting room 48 Around 14 people  
Japanese-style room (Ajisai) 27 Around 30 people Can be used for meetings, a range of gatherings etc.
Japanese-style room (Rindo) 20  
Book/stationary corner (Coople) 229    

Hondo Hall

Hondo Hall is a facility with a total area of 1,268 m2 that was completed in November 1971 as a welfare facility for students and staff. In the autumn of 2008, the 1st floor store was refurbished, making it an even more convenient place to come and shop. If you wish to use the rooms on the 2nd floor, please complete the necessary procedures at the Educational Affairs Division, Graduate School Section.

Floor Type of facility Area(㎡) Size Uses
1st floor Dining hall 139 110 seats  
Store 113    
Kitchen 54    
Office 89    
Storage facility    
2nd floor Training room 117 Around 60 people  
Common room 43 Around 30 people  
Hot water service room 13    
Large meeting room 91 Around 50 people  
Small meeting room 62 Around 30 people  
Japanese-style room 57 Around 30 people  
Hot water service room    
Storage facility 15    

Akita University Cooperative

Akita University Cooperative (hereafter ‘Coop’) is funded jointly by teaching staff and students as an organization responsible for the welfare of everyone on campus. The expenses needed for the Coop’s day-to-day running are funded by its members. Note that this money will be returned if you leave the Coop due to graduation or some other reason, so please do not forget to apply for a refund if this applies to you. The Coop provides the following services for its members.


New Student Support Center Headquarters

Provides a range of services, including helping finding apartments and lodgings, applications for payment of mutual aid and insurance, application processing for joining cooperative mutual aid and insurance schemes, applications for the Internet, planning events for making friends by student committees etc.

Tegata Store (Coople)
Hondo Store

Sales of stationary, textbooks, technical books, paperback books, magazines, everyday items, computers, peripherals, home appliances, furniture etc., arrangement and sales of JR, airline, highway bus and ferry tickets along with accommodation, information on driving schools, photographic development, arranging rental cars etc.


Sales of food such as bread, rice balls and lunch boxes, drinks and confectionary

Career Station

Information on home tutoring and part-time jobs, holding of employment support courses for work in the civil service, teaching and in the private sector, application for a range of qualifications and examinations

Tegata Dining Hall
Hondo Dining Hall

Provision of cafeteria-style lunches, provision of set menu, noodle, rice bowl and curry meals
Provision of breakfast, dinner and parties (Tegata Dining Hall only)