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Scholarships are awarded by a number of different organizations, such as the Japan Student Services Organization, local public organizations and private endowment groups. In all cases, scholarships are in principle awarded to students with both an outstanding academic record and character who are in good health and having trouble meeting the cost of their studies due to financial reasons.

Japan Student Services Organization

Japan Student Services Organization scholarships are granted as loans that must be paid back. There are two ways of applying for these scholarships: ‘current student applications’ that can be made following admission to the university, and ‘reservation-type applications’, which can be made prior to gaining admission.

Types of Scholarship

  • Type 1 scholarship (interest-free)
  • Type 2 scholarship (with interest)
  • Special increased scholarship loans awarded upon admission (with interest)
Type 1 scholarship
(Choose from 2 monthly amounts)
Undergraduate students Living at home ¥30,000/¥45,000
Living away from home ¥30,000/¥51,000
Graduate students Master’s Degree Program ¥50,000/¥88,000
Doctor’s Degree Program ¥80,000/¥122,000
Type 2 scholarship
(Choose from 5 monthly amounts)
Undergraduate students ¥30,000/¥50,000/¥80,000/¥100,000/¥120,000
Graduate students ¥50,000/¥80,000/¥100,000/¥130,000/¥150,000
Special increased scholarship loans awarded upon admission
(Choose from 5 loan amounts)

Recruitment of Scholarship Recipients

Current Student Application

Recruitment for these scholarships is carried out once a year. Details are provided in the ‘Public Announcements’ section of a.net, on the ‘To all Current Students’ section of Akita University website, and via notifications from the Student Support Center. Students who wish to apply for a scholarship should obtain the application forms from the Student Support Center or the Faculty of Medicine School of Medicine/School of Health Sciences office and submit them long with the necessary documents to the Student Support Center. For 1st year students, application forms are distributed during an orientation meeting held at the start of April.

Recruitment Period
Please check the ‘Public Announcements’ section of a.net, Akita University website or notifications from the Student Support Center for information on when applications are being taken, and dates, times and venues for orientation meetings.

1st year undergraduate students Beginning of May
2nd year undergraduate students and above Middle of April
Graduate students Beginning of April
Reservation-type Applications

Students who have made a reservation-type application while still at high school and who have been chosen as candidates for the receipt of a scholarship should attend the orientation meeting at the beginning of April. Please bring all documents relating to your application to the meeting, such as the Notification of Selection as a Scholarship Candidate form.

Emergency Recruitment for Type 1 and Type 2 Scholarships

This system of scholarships is available to students whose family finances take a sudden turn for the worst or who are having difficulty in their studies due to a disaster of some kind. Please enquire at the Student Support Center if you wish to apply for a scholarship through this system.

Decisions on Successful Scholarship Candidates

Notification of successful scholarship candidates is made through a.net and notifications from the Student Support Center. A guidance session is held for scholarship recipients, where they will be issued with the relevant documents. Please make sure to attend this guidance session if you have been chosen to receive a scholarship.

Payment of Scholarships

Scholarships are paid into the specified bank account once a month. The first payment for 1st year students and for those chosen via reservation-type recruitment is the middle of May; for current students, the first payment is at the beginning of July.

Procedures for Continuing Scholarships

Scholarship recipients must submit the Application for a Continuation of Scholarship form via the Internet every year between the end of December and the end of January. Information on the distribution of related documents and submission deadlines is provided through a.net and notifications from the Student Support Center around December, so please do not forget to complete the necessary procedures. Those who neglect to submit their application in time will no longer qualify for receipt of the scholarship.

Suspension/Revocation of Scholarships

Students whose academic performance is significantly poor or who have failed to obtain the requisite credits, or students who have broken the rules on or off campus will be reported to the Japan Student Services Organization and have their right to scholarship payments either suspended or revoked.

Notification of Changes

Please inform the Student Support Center immediately of any changes to your status, such as if you withdraw, take a leave of absence or return to the university following a leave of absence, study abroad or wish to withdraw from the scholarship, or if there are changes to your bank account, address or telephone number, and complete the prescribed procedures.

Scholarship Repayments, Deferments and Exemptions

(1)Students whose loan payments have come to an end due to expiry, withdrawal or revocation of the award must submit the necessary documents for organizing repayments and make repayments through the prescribed method.

(2)Those who continue studying at the university or who go on to graduate school following the expiration to their scholarship can request a deferral from repayment for the remaining duration of their studies by submitting the designated Notification of Student Status form. Students who were in receipt of a Japan Student Services Organization (former Japan Scholarship Foundation) scholarship at high school should submit the Notification of Student Status form to the Student Support Center by the designated deadline following admission to the university. Furthermore, if following graduation extenuating circumstances, such as a disaster or injury/illness, mean that you have difficulty making repayments, you can apply for a deferral of payment for a certain period of time by applying to the Japan Student Services Organization prior to the due date for repayment.

Local Public Organizations and Private Endowment Groups

Other scholarships are available from local public organizations and private endowment groups. The recruitment period for these scholarships is mainly April and May. Information on recruitment for these scholarships through the university is provided through a.net and on the Student Support Center noticeboard. There are many organizations that recruit for scholarships directly rather than through the university, so please address enquiries about these directly to the organization concerned.

Major Organizations offering Scholarships

  • Akitaken Ikueikai
  • Department of Health and Welfare in Akita Prefecture (Scholarships for nurturing nursing staff and physical therapist etc.)
  • Ashinaga Ikueikai
  • Ikeda Ikueikai Trust
  • Ishikawa Prefectural Board of Education
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Board of Education
  • Kotsuiji Ikueikai
  • Tane Tomato Zaidan
  • JGC-S Scholarship Foundation
  • Toyama Prefectural Board of Education
  • Nakamura Sekizenkai
  • Niigata Prefectural Board of Education
  • Niigata City Board of Education
  • Nittetsu Mining Shogakukai
  • Nippon Express Ikueikai
  • Hachinohe City Board of Education
  • Fukushima Prefectural Board of Education
  • Yamaguchiken Hitozukuri Zaidan
  • Joban shogakukai
  • Support21 Social Welfare Foundation
  • CWAJ
  • Fukui Prefectural Board of Education
  • Industrial Labor Department in Fukui Prefecture
  • Sapporo City Board of Education
  • Ushikubo/Amada Ikueizaidan
  • Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation
  • Yamaha Music Foundation