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Academic Calendar/University Regulations

2014-2015 Academic Calendar

Major events AY 2014-2015
Beginning of first semester Apr. 1 (Tue.)
End of spring vacation Apr. 3 (Thu.)
Orientation for existing students Apr. 4 (Fri.)
Entrance ceremony Apr. 5 (Sat.)
Orientation for new students Apr. 7 (Mon.)
First semester lessons commence Apr. 8 (Tue.)
University Foundation Day Jun. 1 (Sun.)
Beginning of summer vacation Aug. 9 (Sat.)
End of summer vacation Sep. 28 (Sun.)
Second semester lessons commence Sep. 29 (Mon.)
September graduation ceremony
(autumn enrolment)
Sep. 30 (Tue.)
End of first semester Sep. 30 (Tue.)
Beginning of second semester Oct. 1 (Wed.)
Beginning of winter vacation Dec. 26 (Fri.)
End of winter vacation Jan. 8 (Thu.)
Beginning of spring vacation Feb. 19 (Thu.)
Graduation ceremony Mar. 22 (Sun.)
End of second semester Mar. 31 (Tue.)

・Summer vacation refers to the period running from early August to late September.

University Regulations

  • Akita University Regulations (Regulations No.2)  Akita University Regulations 秋田大学学則
    (*Japanese only)
  • Akita University Graduate School Regulations (Regulations No.128)  Akita University Regulations秋田大学学則 (*Japanese only)