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Mid-term Objectives and Plan

How will Akita University respond to its incorporation as a national university corporation? Policies for development based on mid-term objectives and plan.

The purpose behind mid-term objectives and plan is for all national universities in Japan to provide an independent overview of the initiatives they have been involved in the six years since their incorporation as national university corporations. By doing this, in addition to fulfilling their original missions, universities can create robust frameworks enabling sound administration under competitive resource allocation-type models. In order to successfully implement these mid-term objectives and plan, the university needs to formulate concrete targets for each academic year during these six years (referred to as ‘annual plans’) and put them into practice while evaluating their degree of success.

Akita University recognizes that mid-term objectives and plan are of major significance in shaping the university’s future, which is why it is taking earnest steps to realize them. The specific content is as follows.

1st Mid-term Objectives and Plan

Akita University 2nd Mid-term Objectives and Plan

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Mid-term Objectives

Mid-term Plans

List of Mid-term Objectives and Plan

Annual Plans

2014 Academic Year

2013 Academic Year

2012 Academic Year

2011 Academic Year

2010 Academic Year