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Centers/Technical Organizations


Center for Evaluation
  • Provision of support for Akita University’s self-assessment and evaluation activities along with efforts to improve these
  • Research and development of evaluations and their systems
Center for Promotion of Educational Research and Affairs
  • Construction of educational frameworks centering on liberal arts education and the promotion of educational activities
  • Improvement and enhancement of educational activities through surveys, research and development of liberal arts education and specialist education
Student Support Center
  • Provision of a variety of daily life support along with support for tuition fee exemptions and scholarship recommendations
  • Support for extracurricular activities such as university festivals and the development and improvement of facilities for such activities
  • Implementation of careers guidance and support for job hunting, including the provision of job information
Center for Teaching License Extension
  • Planning and implementation of seminars for the renewal of teaching licenses
  • Collaboration with related parties within the prefecture, such as boards of education and universities
International Exchange Center
  • Planning and public relations activities related to international exchanges
  • Promotion of international academic exchanges
  • Promotion of international educational exchanges

Technical Organizations

General Technology Section
  • University-wide promotion of technical support for educational and research activities
  • Inheritance and development of the technical expertise possessed by employees in the technical field as common assets for the university and the improvement of these capabilities and qualities, as well as the securement of outstanding human resources