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Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

  1. Study abroad programs based on exchange agreements between universities
    kita University has concluded exchange agreements with overseas universities (departments), and has put in place study abroad programs for exchanging students with these universities. This system includes a variety of support measures, such as tuition fee waivers at the host institution, credit transfers and the granting of readily available accommodation to Akita University students. Those who are interested in taking part in a study abroad program should file an application with their head of faculty (graduate school) and obtain permission. The following kinds of scholarships are also available for students wishing to study abroad.
    Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) “Student Exchange Support Program (Short-term)”
    ●Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled on a program at this university (those with Japanese nationality or who have been granted long-term residency)
    ●Those with an outstanding academic records and personal qualities
    ●Those who will return to this university to continue their studies following the completion of the term of overseas study
    ●Period of overseas study: Minimum of 3 months, maximum of 1 year
    ●Scholarship amount: \80,000 per month (as of the 2011 academic year)
  2. Study abroad programs not based on exchange agreements between universities
    For study abroad programs not based on exchange agreements between universities, students need to find a host institution and complete all procedures through their own initiative.

Akita University has also put in place the Akita University Overseas Study Support Program, which provides students wishing to study overseas at institutions with which Akita University has concluded an exchange agreement with partial funding for a return international flight to and from their intended destination (Asian region: Maximum of \40,000; rest of the world: maximum of \120,000). If you wish to participate in this program, please submit the stipulated forms one month prior to your departure to the person in charge of academic affairs in your faculty.
If you wish to study abroad, please ensure to consult fully with your tutor beforehand. In addition, please enquire with the person in charge of academic affairs in your faculty on detailed procedures for studying abroad and taking a leave of absence from the university, and at the International Division for general enquiries related to studying abroad.

STUDENT'S VOICE: My Experiences of Studying Overseas

Asami Sasaki, Faculty of Education and Human Studies Program in International Language and Culture Studies

I first became interested in taking part in an overseas exchange program during the summer vacation in my second year at the university, when I went to Fiji on a month-long language study program. This was my first ever home stay; in an instant, I acquired 5 brothers and sisters, and was able to experience a pace of life slower than that of Japan, where I was surrounded by the smiling faces of friendly people calling out “BULA!” to me as I walked down the street. While living in a completely different culture made realize for the first time the good aspects of Japan and my own ‘Japaneseness,’ it also gave me a desire to see more of the world. I am now studying hard with the aim of going to one of Akita University’s overseas affiliated universities. Akita University has many systems and teachers in place to support students who wish to study overseas. And as the university has plans to increase the number of overseas affiliated universities, students will have even more chances to visit other parts of the world, creating an environment where there is a thriving demand for studying abroad.

The ALL Rooms

At The ALL Rooms, you can study English according to your own plan of study and goals. A team of graduate, undergraduate and international student staff members is on hand to provide you with learning support. You will find a selection of carefully-selected teaching materials to help you improve your TOEFL score for studying abroad, TOEIC score for work or just your general abilities in English.

Multicultural Lounge

In April 2010, the Multicultural Lounge opened with the aim of promoting exchanges between international students and domestic students and teaching staff at this university. As well as serving as the university’s first study room for exchange students, with a diverse range of foreign language teaching materials and audiovisual equipment, it is also a space for all students and staff to come and learn languages.