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Dormitories/Apartments/Boarding Houses

Student Dormitories

Akita University has 3 dormitories: 1 male dormitory and 2 female dormitories (all single rooms). Permission to stay in one of these dormitories is granted through a screening process.

Nishiyachi Dormitory/Tegata Dormitory/Hondo Dormitory

  Nishiyachi Dormitory Tegata Dormitory Hondo Dormitory
Eligibility All male students All female students All female students
Capacity (people) 130 40 31
Monthly boarding fee ¥20,000 ¥5,300 ¥6,900
Utilities/month Approx. ¥10,000 Approx. ¥10,000 Approx. ¥10,000
Other Kitchenette Cooking facilities (shared) Kitchenette

Apartments/Boarding Houses

The housing situation in Akita City continues to improve every year, with most students able to move into their preferred accommodation. This section introduces some of the kinds of accommodations available to students. The most important thing is to secure accommodation where you feel at home. The costs involved differ depending on the area, age of room and facilities, but are roughly as follows.


6-mat room (with sink, bath and toilet): Over ¥35,000 a month (not including utilities)

Boarding Houses

Individual room (6-8 mats), 2 meals: ¥45,000-¥55,000 a month
* Please enquire directly at a local real estate agency if you wish to search for an apartment or boarding house.