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Part-time job

Akita University introduces students to suitable part-time work. The university selects and displays advertisements for socially meaningful part-time jobs that do not interfere with students’ studies or extracurricular activities. Job advertisements are displayed on Tegata Campus at the 1st floor Career Station in the University Hall, and on the 1st floor of Hondo Hall on Hondo Campus.
If you are interested in a particular part-time job, please call the number provided in the contact details for more information and to apply. A representative from the university meets directly with employers to confirm the working conditions, such as job content, working hours and wages.

General Part-time job

Light labor Part-time jobs connected with
events and functions
Cram school teacher
Includes a diverse range of work
performed on an ongoing basis
over a fixed period time, such as
a store clerk in a convenience
store, supermarket or
department store, a kitchen
assistant or waiter in a
restaurant, work related to hotel
banquets, cleaning work, work at
a gasoline station, assistance in
security work, and assistance in
home removal work.
Includes a diverse range of work
that can be performed within a
short space of time, such as
assistance in introducing and
promoting new products in stores,
helping out at stalls at festivals,
road traffic volume surveys, public
opinion surveys for media
organizations, help with bringing
in and removing exhibits,
reception work at exhibitions,
concerts etc., and directing traffic
at events and at parking lots.
Includes such roles as teaching,
marking tests and giving learning
guidance at cram schools,
computer schools etc.

* In the event that the tuition fee is revised at the time of enrolment or at any stage while enrolled at this university, the new tuition fee will apply from the time of revision.

Home Tutor

We get many requests from guardians every year for students from Akita University to serve as home tutors for their children. Whenever we get a request from someone searching for a home tutor, we display it in the Part-time Work Corner. Students can also obtain information on other part-time jobs through job magazines, on noticeboards at part-time work centers and through word of mouth from friends.