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Guest Lectures

Akita University’s teaching staff members are available for dispatch as instructors to a range of lecture meetings and workshops, as well as for guest lectures at high schools. If you wish to request a member of teaching staff for any of the above, please apply by following the below procedures.

Please ensure to apply in good time so as to enable us to allocate your request within the teacher’s schedule. Note that in some cases, we will not be able to meet your request for certain lectures or dates.

Procedures for Requesting an Instructor Dispatch

  1. Contact the Regional Development Division
    Regional Development Division

    Akita University Administrative Office Building 1st floor,
    Akita University Tegata Campus, 1-1 Tegatagakuen-machi, Akita City 010-8502
    TEL: 018-889-2256 FAX: 018-835-9924

  2. Send the Application for Instructor Dispatch form to the Regional Development Division (please attach any additional requirements etc. you might have)
  3. Decide on an instructor
  4. Send by post the Request for Instructor Dispatch form to the Regional Development Division, one copy addressed to the dean of the faculty etc. to which the instructor belongs, and another to the instructor in question.
    * Please contact the instructor directly to arrange a meeting on such things as the date and time, specific lecture content, creation of handouts, devices to be used, transportation expenses/other compensation.

Teaching Staff Profiles

Please refer to the Akita University Researcher Guide.