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Purposes of Activities


In addition to education and research, making public contributions is Akita University’s third appointed mission. The Regional Cooperation Department was set up to ensure that local communities benefit from the university’s educational and intellectual resources, and to contribute to the further growth of the region as a whole.
The Regional Cooperation Department utilizes lifelong learning, regional collaboration, public contribution activities and the university’s branch schools as a means of uniting the region’s characteristics with the university’s educational resources, engaging in a range of projects with local communities geared towards regional revitalization.

Activity Policies

1)Regional contribution activities (excluding those related to industry-academia collaboration)
2)Locating regional resources and considering ways of utilizing these
3)Proposal and implementation of forms of community development which utilize regional resources
4)Development of human resources with the ability to learn from and make significant contributions to local society
5)Investigation and research of policies for regional revitalization
6)Surveys and proposals relating to specific issues at the request of municipalities

Public Contribution Activities

Reports on Public Contribution Activities

Akita University’s public contribution projects cover a broad range of areas, from extension courses and seminars to regional academies and satellite projects. The follow reports provide an overview of these public contribution activities for each academic year.