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Akita University Campus Guide Map

Akita University Campus Guide Map
(Version 7) Published May 2014 [12.1 MB]

Version 7 of Akita University Campus Guide Map, which provides useful information that will allow you to enjoy Tegata Campus fully, has now been published. This map will be of use to both those who are regular visitors to the campus and those coming for the first time. It is a single map filled with all sorts of insightful information, such as the famous places, sites and seasonal flora that can be found in and around Tegata Campus. “I’d seen it but didn’t know that!” “Who would’ve known this place had such a history!” “I didn’t know just how many different kinds of plants there were on campus!” You too will be surprised at some of the things contained in this map. You can also take up the challenge of the “secret word rally,” in which plates written with text are located in five places within the campus, enabling you to enjoy a pleasant and purposeful walk around the extensive grounds.

Tegata Campus Highlights

Umbrella pine trees
connected with the
Imperial Household and
footpaths lined with
Grave of Atsutane
Akita butterbur and
vegetable patch behind
a workshop
Mural on Faculty of
Education and Human
Studies Building 3 and
the 60th Anniversary
Trifoliate orange trees Statues by Toshiro
Apples connected with
Central Library framed
calligraphy by Konan
Central Library Galileo
Bust of Fuyukichi
Serpentine presented
by Taiwan Hokkokai
and slab with an
inscription of a haiku by
Seison Yamaguchi
Special high voltage
observation dome
commemorating the
100th anniversary of
the Kyokusuikai
Tamezo Narita Keishi Nagi
Sculpture by Sakio
Illuminations Akita University 3D
model project
Mining Museum of
Akita University