Recruitment Information

Eligible Applicant

Students who fully understand the purpose of this program and are currently or will be enrolled in the master's program of Akita University or Kyushu University.

Number of Applicant: 5 students a year from Akita and Kyushu University
2 students a year from each African University

Application Requirements

How to Apply

Application Period: February 14th (Tue), 2023 ~ February 22nd (Wed), 2023

Application Form

1.Fill out the application from down below.

*If you are interested in this project from Southern Africa, please contact with your supervisor before filling out the application form. The application below might differ at your university.

Application Form

2.For the theme or field in which you wish to conduct your research, please describe the purpose and concept of your research in about 1000 Japanese characters (300 words for English) on the appointed form after consulting with your research supervisor.

Download the format from below.

Research Plan

3.Describe your motivation for participating in this program in about 600 Japanese characters (about 200 words in English). *The form continues on the next page of the Research Plan Form.

4.Transcript of the last school you have attended
Transcript of the last school attended (written in Japanese or English)

5.A document related to your English ability
A copy of transcript of TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, EIKEN, etc., or explanation of overseas stay or work experience using English, etc.

How to Submit

Please compile the above documents into a ZIP file and send it by e-mail to the following address.
Akita University Inter-University Exchange Project Office:
The subject of the e-mail should be as follows, with your name in parentheses at the end.

[Application documents in process] Smart Mining Special Program (your name)