2. Introduction of this Faculty
  3. Department of School Education
  4. Course for Compulsory School Teachers

Course for Compulsory School Teachers

Compulsory School Teachers

We cultivate future teachers (mainly elementary school teachers, and also junior high school teachers) who can correspond to the association between elementary schools and junior high schools, can deeply understand the mental and physical growth of children, and have high practical skills to support children's top-class scholarship achievement.

Fields of work

  • Elementary school teachers
  • Junior high school teachers (Japanese language, mathematics, social studies, English, domestic science, music, art and health and physical training)

The following human resources are welcome to the
Course for Compulsory School Teachers.

  • 1.A person who has a strong devotion to understand and give education to children.
    2.A person who has a strong willingness to work as a teacher in a school.
    3.A person who has a strong willingness to actively cope with various problems in the field of school education.


Special Subjects

  • Teaching Profession - For Beginners
  • The theory of Inclusive Education
  • Psychology of Teaching/Learning
  • The theory of Techniques of Teaching Methods
  • The theory of Education Courses
  • The theory of Special Activities
  • The theory of Moral Education
  • Understanding and Guiding Children
  • Elementary Science
  • Elementary Japanese Language
  • Elementary Arts and Crafts
  • Elementary Playing Method of Piano
  • Elementary Physical Training
  • Activities in Foreign Language
  • Elementary Japanese Language Education
  • Elementary Social Studies Education
  • Elementary Domestic Science Education
  • Elementary Home Science Education
  • Elementary Art Education
  • Elementary Music Education
  • Elementary Health and Physical Education
  • Pedagogy by Course of Studies
  • Studies on Education Practice
  • Teaching Practice
  • Education and Welfare Practice
  • Before and After Guidance of Teaching Practice
  • Teaching Profession - General and Basic
  • Teaching Profession - Advanced Practice
  • Teaching Profession - Actual Practice
  • Education Practice Seminar (Graduation Study Seminar)