2. Introduction of this Faculty
  3. Department of School Education
  4. Course for Child Development and Education

Course for Child Development and Education

Child Development and Education

We cultivate mainly future teachers and nursery teachers in preschools (including elementary school teachers), who can correspond to the association education between preschools-elementary schools and can carefully give consideration on children throughout the vertical association between preschool and school educations.


Fields of work

  • Preschool Teachers
  • Nursery Teachers
  • Elementary school teachers

The following human resources are welcome to the Course for Child Development and Education.

1.A person who has an understanding of children and has a deep devotion in giving education, childcare and psychological support.

2.A person who has a firm intention to be engaged in educational work in preschools, childcare facilities and elementary schools.

3.A person who is willing to actively cope with various educational/childcare-related problems surrounding children (including infants) and is also willing to help them in their psychological development.


Main Courses

  • Theory of Childcare
  • Details and Methods of Childcare
  • Studies on Childcare Practice
  • Understanding of and Guidance for Infants
  • Infant Psychology
  • Clinical Pedagogy - Introduction
  • Special Studies of Psychology (Visual Information Processing)
  • Special Studies of Psychology (Psychology in Human Relationship)
  • Special Practice of Psychology (Clinical Case Study)
  • Basic Experiments of Psychology
  • Educational Psychology - Practice
  • Understanding of and Guidance for Children
  • Educational Anthropology
  • Theory of Moral Education
  • History of Educational Ideology
  • Educational Policy - Practice
  • Risk Management in Education
  • Education and Media
  • Studies on Education Practice
  • Social Education
  • School Management and School Library