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  4. Program in International Culture Studies

Program in International Culture Studies


This is a course to learn about various cultures of the world, such as Europe and Asia, including Japan, and to consider regions from a global point of view.








Characteristics of the course

You will learn and think about the place of Japan, Tohoku, and Akita in the world based on knowledge from humanities.

Areas of particular importance on this course are literature, art, history, ideology, and linguistics, which are at the core of humanities.You will understand the culture of the area surrounding you from a broad perspective, and learn means to promote exchange between different cultures while acquiring a global mindset, which is the basis of the internationalization of communities.

Learn foreign languages and acquire the ability to communicate regional characteristics overseas

While taking advantage of the foreign language learning (English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Korean) and overseas training opportunities, you will gain practical and applicable foreign language skills, broaden your horizons through linguistics, and acquire the ability to communicate about various characteristics of communities on a domestic and international stage.

Developing talented individuals who have an international perspective and can revitalize communities

This course will develop individuals to have the ability to solve problems in line with the current state of communities through having a perspective of both the world and the local community in which one belongs, an understanding of the passing on and handing down of traditional cultures as well as the current state of regional cultures, and having a vision of how things should be in the future.