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  3. Department of School Education
  4. Course for English Language Teachers

Course for English Language Teachers

Course for English Language Teachers

We cultivate future teachers who can give English education to children in the association among elementary school, junior high school and high school, and have a cross-cultural communication ability in addition to an English ability, aiming for general cultivation of the next-generation global human resources in Akita.

Fields of work

  • Elementary school teachers
  • Junior high school teachers (English)

The following human resources are welcome to the English Education

  • 1.A person who has a firm intention to become a teacher, actively acquire knowledge of theories and practical skills, and has a strong devotion to become an English teacher to cultivate future human resources to correspond to the globalized society. [Devotion to Become a Teacher]
  • 2.A person who is highly interested in becoming an English teacher, is willing to cope with various problems in educational issues and aims to become an excellent English teacher. [Leadership as a Teacher]
  • 3.A person who has q strong willingness and devotion to improve his/her own English proficiency, actively catches opportunities to learn more and make extra effort to improve his/her English proficiency. [English Proficiency]
  • 4.A person who recognizes the importance of cross-cultural communication in the globalized society, and act actively to have communication with people from other countries. [Cross-Cultural Communication Ability]

Special Subjects

  • Theory of Activities in Foreign Language
  • Field Practice of Activities in Foreign Language
  • Theory of English Education - Introduction
  • English Education - Practice I
  • English Education - Practice II
  • English Education - Practice III
  • English Education - Practice IV
  • English Education - Practice V
  • English Education with ICT Application
  • English Philology - Introduction
  • English Literature - Introduction
  • North American Literature - Introduction
  • Cross-cultural Understanding
  • Graduation Study, etc.