Information on Life at Akita University
Student Life Information


Various information related to study abroad life at Akita University is compiled in the following publications.

Handbook For International Students
Guide for International Students

Support system during the study abroad

Each international student will be assigned a faculty advisor who will provide guidance and advice on study, academic advancement and everyday life.

Students called tutors are also available to assist you in your studies and everyday life at the university. They will help you with Japanese language instruction, assist you in preparing for and reviewing your classes, give you guidance and advice on your research, accompany you to the city hall for various procedures, and help you with shopping for daily necessities.

In addition, the staff of the International Affairs Division are always available to offer guidance to international students regarding university life in general and scholarships.

Office hours of Japanese language instructors

Akita University has faculty members who teach Japanese language courses, and each of them has their own office hours. Office hours are times when you can go and ask individual questions if you have any questions about your classes or studies.

Office hours of each faculty member will be posted on the What's New page.

Facilities on campus

Information about meals

There are some supermarkets near the campus, so many of our students prefer to buy food there and prepare their own meals. In addition to the university cafeteria and stores, students can also use the convenience stores, cafeterias, and restaurants located around the campus and dormitories. There are many ramen and set meal restaurants near the campus that are popular among our students. Several restaurants in Akita City offer halal-friendly meals.
Please try Akita’s local cuisine, such as kiritanpo nabe, iburi gakko, and baba hera ice cream.