Global Center for Higher Education(GHE)

Global Center for Higher Education Newsletter

The Global Center for Higher Education newsletter is published twice a year to give information on the activities of international students and faculty members who have participated in our programs. Please take a look at our newsletter to find out more about our activities.

Guide for International Students

This brochure provides easy-to-understand information about university life and entrance examinations for those who wish to study at Akita University.

Guide for International Students
  • Overview of the University
  • Undergraduate and graduate schools
  • Admissions system
  • Financial aid
  • Exchange programs
  • Facilities
  • Student life
  • Housing information
  • Message from current students

Akita University Study Guide for International Students

This brochure provides an easy-to-understand summary of the characteristics of the undergraduate and graduate schools in English for those who wish to enroll at Akita University.

Overview of faculties and graduate schools
  • Faculty of International Resource Sciences
  • Faculty of Education and Human Studies
  • Faculty of Engineering Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Graduate School of International Resource Sciences
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Engineering Science
  • Graduate School of Medicine

Akita University Handbook For International Students

This handbook provides international students with easy-to-understand information on procedures and the advisory services necessary for student life.



  1. Global Center for Higher Education
  2. Campus Life
  3. Residency Procedures
  4. Housing
  5. Medical&Health Care
  6. Daily Life
  7. Respecting Japanese Law

Brochure of Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with "Gakkensai"

This is a guide to the insurance that international students can purchase in case of injury or accident while studying in Japan.


To enroll in this insurance, students must first enroll in the Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research ("Gakkensai").

How to join:
(1) Enroll in Gakkensai at the Student Support Division (in charge of student life).
(2) Complete the enrollment procedures on the dedicated website listed in the Brochure.
*Exchange students and Nikken-sei do not need to do this procedure by themselves as the International Affairs Division will take care of it for them.

Exchange Programs Brochure

This brochure provides details of the exchange programs and classes offered by Akita University.

Exchange Programs Brochure


  1. Programs
  2. Teaching Staff&Schedule
  3. Class Schedule
  4. Class Information
  5. Requirements to receive a Certificate of Completion
  6. Off-campus Classes on the Japanese Language
  7. Map of Tegata Campus
  8. Contact Information
Exchange ProgramPDF

*The separate volumes, Timetable and List of Classes, will be posted on the Study Abroad Program Information page.


Safety Management and Response Manual for International Exchange Activities

Akita University has formulated the following three manuals for safety management and responses in international exchange activities for implementation of the international exchange programs.