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About the University

About Akita University

Akita University is a national university located in Akita Prefecture in the Tohoku area of Japan, with approximately 5,000 students enrolled annually. The university was founded in 1949 from Akita Normal School, Akita Youth Normal School, and Akita School of Mines, and has a long academic history. The university promotes international exchange and welcomes many international students from all over the world, with over 200 international students studying here every year.

What international students can learn at Akita University

Akita University has four faculties and five graduate schools. Regardless of the type of study abroad program, international students belong to one of the faculties or departments and study specialized subjects. In addition, Japanese language courses are offered at different levels, from introductory to advanced. Therefore, students can study Japanese as well.


Graduate Schools

Where Akita University is located

Akita University is located in Akita City, Akita Prefecture. Akita Prefecture has a population of approximately 940,000 (as of July 2021) and an area of 11,637.52 km², making it the sixth largest regional city among the 47 prefectures. Akita City, as the capital of the prefecture, plays a central role in politics and economy. It is not as flashy as some other cities, but it is a very convenient place to live as all the services necessary for everyday life are concentrated in a compact area. You can fly from Akita City to Tokyo in one hour or take the Shinkansen (bullet train) in four hours, and you can also take direct flights to Hokkaido, Nagoya and Osaka.

What international students can experience in Akita

Akita is blessed with an abundance of nature with each season showcasing a different landscape. One of the charms of living in Akita throughout the year is that you can clearly feel the four seasons. In the spring, you can enjoy the scenery of cherry blossoms all over the prefecture, and in the summer, the traditional festivals held in various places are a highlight. In the autumn, you can enjoy the autumn foliage and golden rice fields, and in the winter, you can enjoy the unique festivals and skiing in the snow country. Akita is also famous for its hot springs. You can enjoy hot springs all around Akita, or travel by car or train for an hour or two to enjoy some hidden hot springs in the Japanese countryside. When you come to Akita, please enjoy Akita’s fascinating nature and culture!