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About us

About the International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center was established in 2008 to promote the advancement of Akita University's international activities. Our goal is to make the University become open to the world, attractive international students and researchers, both of which will increase the University’s international competitiveness.
By implementing the University’s international strategy plans and conducting public relations activities, we are providing interactive support to international students as well as Japanese students who are planning to study abroad.
Driven by the fundamental educational philosophy of Akita University, the center is overseen by the Vice President of International Strategy and plays an important role as an on campus base for Akita University's globalization initiatives.

Key Roles

The key roles of International Exchange Center are as follows:
1. Formulate an international strategy plan
2. Support international students
3. Support Japanese students’ study abroad programs
4. Plan/Manage international exchange programs
5. Conduct PR on international exchange activities