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Scholarship Program

Recipients of the MEXT Scholarship are accepted by Akita University.
The application and selection process differs according to the student’s home country.Please contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in your home country.
Also, please refer to the MEXT website:http://www.mext.go.jp/english/highered/1303737.htm

1.Undergraduate Students

Eligible for admission to the four year, Bachelor’s Degree program.

2.Research Students (Graduate level)

Students who have graduated from a university outside of Japan who wish to conduct specific research at the graduate-level are eligible for the program.

If the student wishes to pursue a graduate degree, their research period may be extended if the student passes a screening process.

3.Japanese Studies Students(Undergraduate level)

A one year program for those who would like to pursue coursework related to majors in Japanese language and culture.

AY2022 Programs

・Japanese Download (PDF)

Final Reports

・AY2012 Download (PDF)

・AY2011 Download (PDF)

・AY2009 Download (PDF)


 林 賢珠 「韓国の高等学校の第二外国語としての日本語教育における音声教育」Download (PDF)

 李 光国 「商品の陳列と衝動買いの関係の試論」Download (PDF)

4.Teacher-Training Students

AY2022 Programs

・Japanese Download (PDF)

・English Download (PDF)